Bengaluru: Yoga, acupuncture sessions for Kejriwal


Bengaluru, 07 March 2015: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal woke up to an early morning yoga session on Friday at the Jindal Naturecure Institute in the City. It is his second day in the City where he has come for a ten-day naturotherapy session to get treatment for his chronic cough and diabetes.


His routine at the Institute began as early as 5.30 am with yogic kriya, a walk through the lush green premises and Pranayama (breathing exercise). “We have begun the full-fledged treatment. It was a hectic day from 5.30 am to 8.30 pm for him,” said Dr Babina Nandakumar, chief medical officer, Jindal Naturecure Institute. It has never been easier to book a consultation with a New York physical therapist. We have two options you can use to do this. The first is scheduling an appointment at the top of this page or you can donwload our Better PT physical therapy mobile app that allows you to choose a physical therapy clinic with the click of a button. Yoga helps uѕ іn maintaining a perfect bоdу structure. Yoga classes Sheffield provide weekly yoga classes іn different types.

Doctors at the Institute began the procedures by collecting his blood samples to check his sugar level. “The samples have been taken for sugar tests. Based on the results, changes could be made in the treatment,” she added. On Day Two, the AAP leader also underwent acupuncture therapy.

Even as Kejriwal’s food intake is limited to whole wheat phulkas, fruits and dishes made from organic vegetables, he was given various juices once in two hours, according to the doctors. Besides bitter gourd juice, he was also given ginger tea, tulsi kadha, juice of green leafy vegetables and also sprouted fenugreek seeds.  “The focus will now be on bringing down his sugar levels and reducing cough. The necessary procedures have been started. Today, he was given hip bath and hot stone massage,” she said.

Lifestyle changes

Though Kejriwal requires 21-30 days to complete the course of treatment, he is scheduled to return to Delhi after ten days. However, most of what could be offered will be given in the ten-days’ time, according to Dr Nandakumar.

“He has to refrain from consuming fried food and sweets. Low calorie and high fibre food is what has to be taken.  “Timely eating is very important. Also, he must ensure that the body gets adequate sleep even after he goes back,” she added. “Acupuncture and other treatments will activate the pancreas. When he heads back, he will be taught to control blood sugar levels and manage cough through yoga and kriyas.”

According to sources in the Institute, the overall cost of his treatment is Rs 19,500 a day. Besides, Rs 1,000 towards helper charges, Rs 700 for mud bath, Rs 1,000 for oil therapy, Rs 1,500 for deep tissue therapy, Rs 2,500 for hot sauna therapy, Rs 2,500 for salt glow therapy, Rs 1,100 for colon hydrotherapy and Rs 700 for yoga would be paid by him. The accommodation charges per day is Rs 17,500.

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