Why the Bolshoi theatre ballet takes the picture of your “bad phone”


A hundred years ago, the theatrical poster was: (a) the most powerful means of communication and b) absolutely independent genre of art. It’s hard to argue, looking at a Ton such as Anna Pavlova (ballet “La Sylphide” in the framework of “Russian seasons” Diaghilev) brush Valentin Serov, as posters with Sarah Bernhardt sumanirole Alphonse Mucha, and Vrubel, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec… tongue-tied, not having time to pronounce all the names that have become icons of design.


And today? Where the current Toulouse-Lautrec and Vrubel? Is there a need for them? Or enough of the Internet to communicate with young people? Last night (and fewer traffic jams, and the facades are illuminated), we walked about twenty of the Moscow theaters, just about ready to open the season. Alas, the bottom line — three or four posters that really touched us to the quic

So, go on Tverskoy Boulevard, taking a pen — here it is, storm the stage! — renowned designer, Illustrator and artist Pauline Pavlyuchenko. It is our strict censor”, from the point of view of the viewer who does not know, unlike us reporters “MK”, the background of each theatre, whom it delighteth the Sand.