‘Buns’ Burger Chain Set to Transform UAE’s Fast-Food Landscape

FUJAIRAH, United Arab Emirates- :After making a successful debut as a pop-up location earlier this year, “Buns,” a Fujairah-based burger chain, plans to open its first permanent branch later in 2021. Although the UAE’s fast-food market is currently dominated by the usual big-name brands, Buns hopes to soon make its mark on the sector by offering customers a range of high-quality, locally-produced fast-food options.

“Our vision is simple: we want to provide residents and visitors to Fujairah with delicious and healthy burgers made from only the finest, freshest ingredients,” Abdullah Taleb, Buns’ General Manager, says. “We believe the UAE has what it takes to launch its own burger brand capable of competing with the multinational chains that have long been synonymous with fast food.”

Local residents got their first taste of Buns burgers in February at a pop-up location set up outside the historic Fujairah Fort. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied customers, the team soon decided to open a permanent branch in Fujairah, located on the Fujairah Corniche.

Buns’ range of burgers and side-dishes are now available for home delivery in Fujairah through the popular Talabat mobile-phone app. What’s more, Buns plans to replicate the success of the Winter Carnival pop-up with other special events and activities.

“Our burgers typically sell out almost immediately,” Taleb says. “This is largely due to the fact that we use only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients – including 100% brisket beef – to make our signature hamburgers. This is an advantage we have over our big-name rivals, most of whom import their ingredients from abroad at the expense of freshness.”

While Buns is currently focused on the Fujairah market, project managers hope to expand the burger chain’s reach throughout the UAE and, eventually, beyond. This way, they aim to highlight the country’s wealth of capabilities and resources – and those of Fujairah in particular.

“Buns represents the culmination of core Emirati values: determination, hard work, and fine attention to detail,” Taleb says. “And with values like these, we expect to soon take the local fast-food market by storm.”

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