Center for Omani Dress to preserve traditional costumes

In a bid to preserve traditional Omani costumes for the coming generations, the Center for Omani Dress (COD), a Muscat-based non-profit group dedicated to the conservation and study of the Arab state’s national dress, is soon going to open a museum.
To be unveiled sometime later this year, the museum will exhibit more than 800 women’s, men’s and children’s conventional clothing pieces, such as wizars, mussars, salwars and head scarves.
Other than the apparel exhibits, the building will also feature interactive displays which would help people to learn about the history and variety of Omani garments.
In addition to the apparel and interactive displays, the museum will also include a gift shop that would feature T-shirts and other items made by local Omani artisans.
Centre for Omani Dress specializes in the research and documentation of traditional art and crafts of the Sultanate of Oman.
The centre has previously held exhibitions at the British Museum, London (2011), Historical Association Oman (2011), American Women’s Group (2011) and Women’s Guild of Oman (2010).

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