Chew Gum means more Smile


A fascinating finding from psychology research is that our brains offload patterns of thought to our bodies, and rely on that information to determine our mood. This enables us to change our mood just by moving our bodies. So, if you find yourself feeling down for no particular reason (rainy day, etc.), try this, it takes less than a minute and could change your life for the better:

1. First sit down, and relax your body.
2. Now try different smiles, make sure to smile as sincerely as possible (should crinkle your eyes).
3. Keep doing this for 1 minute, you should start to feel somewhat happier and more peaceful, the effect lasts a couple hours.
4. Repeat as needed.


Also, have you ever noticed that athletes and coaches tend to chew gum during games? There’s a good reason: chewing gum makes you feel more confident and alert. Try it today!

Sylvia Lohan

Fashion and photography addict, interested in languages, culture, traveling and all-things-beautiful.