Chhattisgarh Police Arrest Goat For Grazing In Bureaucracy Garden


Chhattisgarh citizens started their morning in shock, after knowing that an animal (goat) was arrested by Chhattisgarh police in the Korea district for allegedly grazing in a bureaucrat’s garden.


Chhattisgarh police said that, the goat jumped over the iron fence of the bureaucrat’s house, entered the garden and ate flowers and vegetables. Several times in the past, the house owner had repeatedly warned about the goat, entering their garden and destroying the flowers and vegetables. After knowing the issue from his gardener, the bureaucrat filed a police complaint now.
Speaking on the issue, R Srivastava, Assistant Sub-Inspector said, “Upon receiving the complaint, we arrested the goat’ and even the owner of the goat was also arrested for trespassing.” The police labeled the goat as the ‘repeat offender’ and it was booked under the charges that could land it in jail for a minimum term of two years and a maximum of up to seven years. However, the goat was later released on bail. The case even went up to Chhattisgarh Chief Minsiter, and when he was questioned about the same, he naturally had nothing much to say


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