Cong slams Modi’s ten-point plan


Congress spokesperson Shashi Tharoor claimed that during the campaign Modi repeatedly used to say that his party will not distract from the main theme of development.

Tharoor added that but now within days we are hearing voices that demand the removal of Article 370, and the introduction of a uniform civil code.

He added that people know that these items have been on the BJP agenda for long, but then the question is whether these sensitive and deeply divisive issues are the priorities for the prime minister or he still views these as distractions.


Further adding that if he does believe it to be so, then he should come out with a strong statement to this effect or else it would mean that he has deviated from the development agenda.

Tharoor remarked that most of the issues listed by the new government is similar which were in UPA’s list.

He said that though the Congress has lost the election, but the point is that nobody can detract from the fact that in terms of performance on all the aspects, the track record of the ten years of the UPA government is better than any government of the past.