Congress vs BJP vs AAP : How Media is Biased ?


Today the 3 major political parties – Congress, BJP and AAP had rallies of Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal respectively.

While ABP news and NDTV were live telecasting all the three rallies alternatively, Times Now and CNN-IBN were only showing Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi’s rallies.

Even the “Tickr”(scrolling news at the bottom of the channel” on both the channel talks only about Modi and Rahul… Headlines on Tickr show only statements of Rahul and Modi.

Also, I checked the Timeline of Times Now’s Twitter handle @timesnow for last 5 hours. Not a single tweet on Kejriwal’s speech while they have live-tweeted both Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Have taken Screenshots of the TL.

I checked the Timeline of CNN-IBN’s Twitter Handle @ibnlive for last 5 hours. They have live-tweeted both Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. There was only one tweet on Arvind Kejriwal’s rally (that too an anti-Congress statement that AK made).

(Screenshots of Twitter TL are at the end of this blog)

I Called Times Now Office at 02224999944 and spoke to the News desk member. Someone by name Preeti answered my call and she was able yo hear me until I asked the question. Then she started saying “hello.. hello” as if she cant hear me and then hung up… called back again and got connected to some other lady. She refused to reveal her name. When I asked her why they are not showing Kejriwal’s rally, she asked me to send a mail to their mail id “” as she is not authorized to answer me.

Then I called CNN-IBN at 01204341818 and I was connected to news room guy Saharsh. He says they have covered Kejriwal’s rally as well and says may be I have missed the braodcast. I asked him for a mail ID where I can send a mail about this. He gave ””
I guess we should start questioning these guys on such things to tame them. Its a known fact that these news channels are controlled by corporates that are closely connected to politicians. And as long as we dont question them, they will continue to show the biased news.

I will be sending a mail to the given mail IDs and also, will send a mail to News Broadcasting Association of India.

Until I get a satisfactory answer from them, the channels will be boycotted by me.
Note- I have recorded these calls :

Have uploaded the audio files again into a new folder. Please check this – Call Recordings New –

Here is alternate link to access the audio files:

Mili Thakur