Dabur International forays into the health and food hygiene segment with Dabur Fruit & Veggie Clean


Dubai, United Arab Emirates : As personal hygiene has become paramount in current challenging times with frequent hand cleansing and sanitized environments, rinsing our vegetables and fruits with plain water is not enough. That’s why Dabur International has strengthened its fight against the pandemic by foraying into the hygiene segment of fresh produce with Dabur Fruit and Veggie Clean.

A 100% naturally derived cleanser, Dabur Fruit & Veggie Clean liquid helps to thoroughly clean the vegetables and fruits before eating or cooking. It gently removes germs, waxes, chemicals, and soil from the fresh produce’s surface without ripping off its nutrients and freshness to leave behind only crisp and clean veggies and fruits. Being an alcohol-free formula as well as free of all chlorine, it is odorless and lends no residue or aftertaste.

Determined to make health and hygiene a priority for its consumers, Vineet Jain, Head of Marketing, said, “There are germs and chemicals that might be invisible to the eye but lay on the surface of our much loved fruits or vegetables.  Dabur Fruit and Veggie Clean is a product that is the need of the hour offering a safe, 100% naturally derived cleansing solution and not just more chemicals washing away existing chemicals. At Dabur International, we truly care for the health and well-being of our consumers and want them to take domestic hygiene as seriously as they prioritize their personal hygiene.”

With Dabur International’s reputation for providing safe and natural solutions, the Fruit & Veggie Clean liquid is formulated to become an integral part of food hygiene in the  households of Middle East. Join the movement and give your nutrition journey a hygienic start with Dabur Fruit & Veggie Clean. Packaged in two user friendly formats – spray and concentrate, Dabur Fruit & Veggie Clean is easily available across all supermarkets and online retailers in the GCC.

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