Education Give a Way of Life


Education is a top factor in determining your future in business management. According to Investopedia, education is not only important for skilled workers but for the economical success of the country as a whole. A country that is governed by and employs trained and educated workers has a better chance to achieve success.


But what do these benefits mean to the average worker? Statistics show that employees who have higher levels of education earn higher salaries due to them being more valued in the workplace. Research by Greenstone and Looney in 2011 of the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project revealed that benefits of a degree is equivalent to an investment that returns 15,2% annually. Also there is a difference of 65% earning power between employees with graduate degrees and those who simply have high school diplomas. The gap between the two education groups grow with higher levels of degrees and with age.

Evidence clearly points to the fact that higher education pays off in regards to your salary and your professional life in general. South African institution, The Da Vinci Institute has been providing higher education focusing on managerial leadership development since 2003. They aim to produce students that are innovative thinkers and decision makers who are able to make a difference in the world and help develop a society that is sustainable.

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