Fake Receipt Case of Sambit Patra: BJP Members Booked For Thrashing Colleague Behind ‘Leak’


A case has been registered against the BJP members who allegedly thrashed another BJP functionary for reportedly leaking news about the printing of fake receipts and illegal fund raising during the party’s national council meeting in Kozhikode.

The complainant, Sasikumar, who is an assistant lecturer and a BJP booth president, alleged he was attacked and threatened by 15 people, including Kuttiady BJP Mandal president P P Murali and general secretary Manoj.

He said that he had to approach the police as there was a threat to his life and the life of his family. In his complaint, he said that a group of men led by Murali and Manoj threatened and manhandled him after barging into the MHES Arts and Science College.

“They came into the general secretary’s room and confiscated my mobile as well as vehicle keys. They alleged that I was behind the leak. They forced me to write that I was responsible for the leak. Since I had no other choice, I had to write it.”

Sasikumar said no senior BJP leaders have contacted him so far. “My complaint is not against the party but against a few individuals. When they came to my college, I told them that if they have any issues with me, they can question me at the appropriate party forum. But they did not listen,” he said.