FCC Commissioner Pai Asks Congress to Partly Defund Agency


Yesterday FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai testified before the House Appropriations Committee, and in his lengthy statement, asked that Congress defund the FCC–or at least that part of the FCC that would implement the FCC’s recent net neutrality decision.

There is a certain irony here. Commissioner Pai’s objection to the net neutrality decision stemmed from his concern that politics played too large a part in the decision. His specific objection is that the decision was reached five months after President Obama issued a public statement calling for bright-line open Internet rules.

There can be no question that Obama’s statement influenced the FCC’s decision. But of course, so did the 4 million comments filed by Americans from every corner of the country.

It would appear from Commissioner Pai’s request that Congress partly defund the FCC, that he does not have a principled objection to politics influencing FCC actions.


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