Feature of a Healthy Lifestyle


monsoon brings in a host of water borne diseases such as cold, flu, viral fever, indigestion, food poisoning, mosquito borne issues


Stay hydrated:
A hydrated body is able fight with theses bacteria and virus better as the body replenishes the electrolytes lost due to sweat, urine etc. Along with plain water, homemade lime water, buttermilk and clear soups help in hydrating the body. Moreover, one must ensure that the water being consumed is clean and boiled. However, one should avoid water, cut fruits, juices from street vendors as these might be contaminated and unhygienic.

Homemade food:
During monsoon, chances of food being contaminated with bacteria increases and makes us prone to falling ill. Therefore, it is best to eat home-cooked food and while stepping out one must carry homemade food or whole fruits, nuts and packed curd. Street food such as pakoda, bhel puri, etc should be avoided. If you do not have an option of home cooked food then eat completely cooked food.

Consume loads of green and colourful vegetables. Blanch them to disinfect them from germs and bacteria. It also helps the veggies from losing its colour, texture and flavour. Always, avoid keeping cut salad for long and consume immediately.

Consumption of bitter herbs like neem and haldi (turmeric), which contain antioxidants and medicinal properties, prevents you from infections. Garlic and mushrooms boost immunity and keeps us healthy in monsoon.

Avoid semi-cooked and raw fish/ prawns since its their breeding season. Make sure the fish is fresh if you plan to consume it.

Vitamin C:
Increase your intake of vitamin C which we get from citrus fruits such as lemon, guava, mausmi, capsicum, green chilli, sweet lime etc., to help build resistance against infections and diseases.

Curd and other probiotic drinks available should be included in your diet to make your gut strong.

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