Find your lover’s G-spot and ignite flames of passion


Do you know your partner’s G-spot?

Many people are so comfortable with knowing which specific areas of their partners’ bodies drive them wild that monotony and complacency might set in.


The truth is, there are a lot of areas in the human body which when stimulated is a guaranteed way to ignite the flames of passion.

Two sex experts help us engage our partners’ body with a fresh and different approach. Sex toys are not new. They have a long history that started with the use of carved objects that represented the penis. The ancient Roman, Greek, Chinese, Asian, Indian had these objects carved out of stones, iron, gold, wood and other materials that were used to drive masturbation. Some of them (like the Greek) also had worship of sex gods and goddesses were these objects were displayed, used and other sexual immoral acts were extensively promoted, including sex with demons and spirits. So, we can rightly say that the foundation of bellesa boutique sex toys was that of the desire for ‘unlimited’ pleasure and the worship of demonic gods. This invention metamorphosed into other objects and in the 20th century we saw the first electric vibrator invented. Since then, it has been a deluge of these manual and later sophisticated instruments of sexual pleasure. Some of them winking and talking! Wow! Now, is sex toy in the original plan of God? And since sexual relationship is a physical, emotional and spiritual connection, does it have any spiritual and emotional side effect? First, sex toys were not in the original plan of God. The word of God made it clear the God made them a man and a woman to relate, satisfy themselves and procreate. All we will need to sexually satisfy our partners have been put in place. Yes. But Satan introduced this toys, idols (like all other sexual sins: homosexuality, anal sex, lesbianism, sex with demons, masturbation, etc) to corrupt and divert man’s obedience to God’s word and wish. The bible said that those who crave for this kind of sinful pleasure outside the will of God are dead. True. Walking corpses! Not all pleasurable practices are permitted. We must seek to please God before our own pleasure. Yes, God wants us to enjoy life, but it must be within the limits of His divine intentions and provisions. Sex toys were invented by demons and are totally against the word of God and the spiritual well-being of man. It’s an instrument for the worship sex demons and Satan. You can dig this site for the best sex toy.

Jade Zwane, a sex expert and author, points out the many other sensitive spots on the male anatomy, while Mofenyi Malepe, author of The Bad Sex Bet, looks at the female anatomy and its hidden sex firecrackers.

“The body is more difficult than maths, but if you take your time to learn your partner’s reaction or their body temperature when you touch certain parts of their bodies we mostly consider not erogenous, then you reign supreme over their bodies, and in that way you know how to get them in the pleasure mode,” Malepe says.

When it comes to men, Zwane says you should be adventurers but proceed with caution.

She lists the top five areas that could drive any man wild:

“For some people, the neck is ticklish and squeamish, but the majority of people find it stimulating. Move your mouth along the length of your partner’s neck while in the heat of passion, and magic will happen.

Most people tend to think that only women like their nipples caressed. Nipples are very sensitive, be it for men or for women, so sucking on your man’s nipples will drive him wild.

That is probably the most sensitive part of any man. Having their scrotum caressed with the tongue is probably going to either tickle or send their hormones into a tailspin and make them want to ravage you.

Ear lobes
There is something about the many nerve endings around the ear that if stimulated, can cause arousal. There is something about the warmth of the mouth on the ear that drives men wild.

Again, this can either be very ticklish or totally stimulating. Sucking on your man’s toes can be a very sensual experience if done right. Do not bite or chew, just suck, occasionally blowing some air to drive him crazier.

When it comes to women, Malepe says every technique he is about to reveal requires one to take their time. He lists the four sensitive areas on women as:

Calf muscles
For some reason, moving your mouth around the calf muscles is a very sensual experience for most women. Do not lick, just move your mouth in a kissing motion.

Gorge behind the knee
In this area, you are allowed to lick away. It is almost guaranteed to turn on any woman.

Pelvic bone area
During foreplay, go down and focus mainly on the pelvic bone, gentle kissing and licking it as you go along. This bone is very sensitive for most women.

Inner thigh
This is the space between the thighs that is very sensitive because it is mostly hidden away. Work your tongue around that area, and the coldness of the saliva is sure to jump-start that area into a shaking orgasm.

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