Flight-Booking Site Wingie Releases Fresh Data on Air-Travel Trends in the MENA Region

Wingie, a Germany-based flight-booking website, released new data this week on changing trends pertaining to air travel in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The site found that the region’s most popular destinations in autumn were Cairo (11%), Dubai (9%), Riyadh (8%) and Jeddah (8%), while the average age of those booking flight tickets online stood at 36.

“This new data shows how regional air travel is changing – and growing – in the post-pandemic recovery period,” CEO of Wingie Çağlar Erol says. “With so many options now available in the MENA region, booking flights can often be difficult and time consuming. Fortunately, using novel technologies, Wingie has thoroughly streamlined the process.”

MENAs Most Popular Air Routes
Based on extensive analysis of last season’s flight-booking data, wingie.ae also reported that the region’s three most popular flight routes were all from the Egyptian capital to the Gulf – namely, Cairo-Abu Dhabi, Cairo-Jeddah, and Cairo-Dubai. It also found that those booking tickets from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan generally fly to Dubai in the UAE.

The travel site also released information on how many days in advance users typically buy tickets online. For instance, those traveling to Saudi Arabia tend to book tickets a week in advance; those bound for Egypt book tickets nine days beforehand; and travelers to the UAE buy their tickets an average of ten days before their respective flights.

Finding Connections the Airlines Cant
In 2019, Wingie launched its LogiConnect technology which employs advanced machine-learning technology to help travelers find the most efficient and cost-effective flight options. “LogiConnect lets users save money and time by connecting those flights that the airlines can’t connect themselves.”

Established in 2014, Wingie lets users choose from among hundreds of thousands of travel options – both in the MENA region and around the world. The popular online travel agency provides services in six different languages, including English and Arabic. In an indication of its rising profile in the global air-travel industry, Wingie now receives more than 20 million visits monthly.

“With its combination of knowledge, experience and cutting-edge technology, Wingie is set to become a major player in online travel in the post-pandemic global recovery period,” Çağlar Erol says.

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