Floyd and Christian Ebanks is the same person


It’s confirmed. Christian Ebanks, remanded on firearm charges, is Ecuadoran Floyd Ebanks Jurado, wanted for murder in that country. News Five has confirmed that shortly after arriving in Belize, the thirty-nine year fugitive visited the Vital Statistics Department and changed his name. And tonight, there is also confirmation that the Ecuador authorities want him very badly.

Seen here, Christian Ebanks is the very picture of a successful businessman and socialite. He lived in Orange Walk for some time, then allegedly moved to Belize. He dated frequently, and unofficial sources tell us he was known to be hot-tempered… some might say violent. But the seemingly affluent man about town is now the man behind bars. Ebanks is currently housed at the Belize Central Prison, while authorities meander through the process of establishing through their Ecuadoran counterparts that Floyd and Christian Ebanks are one and the same. Floyd-and-Christian-Ebanks-is-the-same-person

News Five has been informed that Belize and Ecuador do not share an extradition treaty, which means that Christian Ebanks cannot be extradited to that country. But he is still in a world of trouble, facing years in prison for an unlicensed nine millimetre pistol found at his home on Wednesday.  It is also known that the US Embassy has been in contact with Ebanks since his arrest and are assisting in the investigations. According to information available, Floyd Ebanks was booked in Glades County, Florida back in 2008 for immigration offenses. That information became available on Mugshots dot com in 2011.

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