Former Malawian President Joyce Banda shares her thoughts on Mother’s day

15th October is Mother’s Day in Malawi. It is a privilege and honor that God gave us the special favor to carry and bring men and women into this world. As I wish my fellow mothers a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, I also wish to pay special tribute to all men who value and respect women.

I thank God that he has blessed our family with nine children who have grown to become fine and successful men and women. It has been a humbling experience to watch these men and women blossom.

Let’s be honest, at one time or another throughout your life – and most likely on many occasions – your mother has baked or purchased you a cake. Whether it was for your birthday or to commemorate another special occasion, cake has taken center stage at many of our family festivities. So it stands to reason that to celebrate our mothers – those masterful cake deliverers for the rest of us – that we should include a mother’s day cake.

In fact, mother’s day cakes have long been a part of showing our mothers how much we care about them. While the origins of Mother’s Day differ from country to country, in England it began with Mothering Sunday – a holiday celebrated on the fourth Sunday during Lent and often marked with the baking of Mothering Cakes.

Mother’s Day cakes today come in every shape, size, and flavor. And with access to every retail possibility, we have the option of purchasing anything we want. From pre-made cakes at the grocery store, to pre-ordered cakes from online bakeries like Anges de Sucre, Mother’s Day cakes should reflect the personality and unique style of your mother. And – most importantly it should fit her taste. So if she likes vanilla but the rest of the family likes chocolate – it should be vanilla all the way.

For moms who are far away there’s always the option of purchasing Mother’s Day cakes through the Internet; they are personalized, packaged beautifully, and shipped the same day for arrival in time for the big day. It’s a wonderful way to let your mother know you’re thinking about her regardless of how far apart you are.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and the best way to remember the times you’ve spent together in childhood is to bake together. A lot of us have baked cookies since we were kids and we all like our mother’s best pudding or carrot cake. Something you might want to try baking together or make for your mother this Mother’s Day is honey cake.

Normally we have to wait for Rosh Hashanah or Sukkot in order for us to have honey cake but Mother’s Day is a good excuse to bake and have one too! During the ancient times honey cakes were made in Asia Minor in honor of a mother deity that the ancients celebrated. You might want to make is a day or so before Mother’s Day though because the flavors in honey cake tends to deepen.

I woke up today and thought especially about my own mother who is no longer here. I was 47 years old when she passed on. In my prayer I prayed for all those whose mothers are no longer in this world especially those who lost their mothers at a much younger age. I ask that we ask God to allow the souls of our mothers rest in everlasting peace as we sing and listen to the attached song.

Dr. Joyce Banda

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