Georgia governor looks to Louisiana for education policy inspiration, according to reports


Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is taking a closer look at Louisiana’s Recovery School District as well as Gov. Bobby Jindal’s federal Common Core lawsuit, according to reports from Georgia news outlets.


Deal said he wants lawmakers to consider a plan for a statewide charter school district, like Louisiana’s own Recovery School District, during a public event with Jindal Wednesday (Sept. 10), according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Jindal traveled to Georgia to lend Deal support in the Deal’s re-election campaign. The two men also spent some time during Jindal’s appearance talking about their opposition to Common Core.

Louisiana and Georgia were both among the 40-plus states that adopted Common Core — academic standards used in primary and secondary schools — a few years ago. But Jindal and Neal are both looking to get their states away from using Common Core now, citing concerns about the federal government’s involvement in the standards.

Jindal has filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over Common Core. Neal didn’t rule out a similar lawsuit on behalf of Georgia, according to WABE, Atlanta’s public radio station.

“Obviously, I share many of the sentiments that Gov. Jindal has expressed. We certainly do not want the federal government dictating curriculum. We certainly don’t want to be coerced to do things that we don’t think are correct for our state. And I will certainly be watching his lawsuit with great interest,” said Deal during a joint appearance with Jindal.

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