Hackers Link Over 2500 High-Profile Twitter Accounts To Sex Websites


More than 2,500 Twitter accounts have been compromised to tweet links to adult dating and sex websites, global cyber security leader Symantec said on Tuesday.

There were a number of high-profile accounts caught up in the hacking, including ones belonging to the band Chromeo, a journalist say, stand-up comedian Azeem Banatwala, Houston Texans wide receiver Cecil Shorts III .

The attackers changed the profile photo and the basic information of the accounts to promote adult sites like Live 121 Chat.

“Rather than tweeting or direct-messaging users, the attackers used these compromised accounts to like tweets and follow other users, hoping to capitalise on users being curious enough to investigate their Twitter profiles,” the report noted.


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Symantec believes the culprit responsible for these compromises earns $4 for each person who signs up for the adult dating site.

The company also noted some steps to secure the Twitter accounts.

It asked users to create strong and unique passwords or use a password manager if you want to create and securely store your passwords.

“Instead of relying on just a password, consider enabling Twitter’s Login Verification that requires you to enter a code that is sent to your mobile phone. This adds an extra layer of security,” the company said.

Asmaa Mubita is a Kenyan journalist of international repute with over fifteen years of experience in broadcast journalism. Asmaa Mubita began his journalism career at the Kenyan state broadcaster (KBC) and later worked at the KTN owned by the Standard Group and Citizen Television, the flagship brand of Royal Media Services. These exploits together with his reporting experience with the Voice of America, CNN and BBC have been rewarded with local and global recognition.