Head over heels


As you walk past the stunning window display at one of the most exclusive luxury brand stores in the city, and find your pulse quickening,you know you have been had.The smell of smoked crackers and wild winter heralds a turn of season and if you are a regular in the party circuit, you know that long night full to the brim with fine liquor, glittering jewels and trendy clothes are just round the corner. Hold your own and be the talk of town as you flirt with baubles and bling. If you thrive on self-pamper overkill lap this up: we bring you the hottest that money can buy this season.As runways spill into homes this fall, the line between fashion and fantasy blurs.While there is no single trend defining the ramp ,it all comes together in an exciting confection of embellishments, glitter and fur.

Luxury fashion houses have taken cues from multiple muses to usher in the party season and clearly simple is out; sexy and sinful is in. If fashion fails to inspire you but you can’t wait to celebrate with the finest food and drink, here’s what’s trending in the bottle. Think freshly minted drinks poured from decanters that are made from fine bevelled crystal.Or whisky that smells of Scotland and tastes like honey,smoke,and smooth,runny chocolate.

Bask in the heady delight that accompanies liquor that’s liquid gold, limited edition,in encrusted bottles that are collector’s items and are a pleasure to serve from. Alternatively, if you are looking to splurge on the next big watch,here’s what you need to know: luxury brands have created ‘high complication’ time pieces for the fairer sex with the floral motif gaining prominence; clearly women rule. Meanwhile, jewellery brands up the glitter quotient as they lure you with animal-inspired jewellery created from the finest precious stones.Men feeling left out? If wheels are your thing, luxury SUVs are the undisputed trend,so watch your engine purr into action as you cruise down the highway in one of these beauties. If it’s hot and current, it’s on our list.