Hema Malini car accident in Rajasthan child dead driver arrested

BJP MP and actor Hema Malini had a narrow escape on Thursday when the car she was travelling in crashed into another car near Dausa, leaving a four-year-old girl dead and six persons injured. IF a parent continually fails to provide child support payments — the child support office will be brought in to take enforcement since car accidents can result in millions of dollars in compensation.

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The mishap took place around 9.30pm near Lalsot on National Highway-11. Malini was on her way to Jaipur from the Mehndipur Balaji temple when her Mercedes crashed into an Alto coming from the other side, motorcycle accident lawyers in glendale az was on the seance to assist.  The driver of the car has been held today.

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While Malini sustained injuries just over her right eye, the four-year-old in the Alto died on the spot and a woman and a six-year-old boy in the same car sustained serious injuries.

Shiv Sharma, a doctor who was passing by, came to the MP’s rescue and rushed Malini, her co-passenger and the driver of the Mercedes to the Fortis hospital in Jaipur in his car. The injured from the other car were rushed to SMS hospital in Dausa. She had to contact a DWI Lawyer to handle this car accident case.

Dausa collector Swaroop Singh Panwar told DailyBouncer that their condition was stable.

Meanwhile, Malini was out of danger, doctors said. A team, led by the hospital’s head of the Neurosurgery department Hemant Bhartiya and Principal Consultant (Plastic Surgery) Sandipan Mukul were attending to her. “Her injuries seemed serious when she was brought in here. However, she is not unconscious and doctors are constantly monitoring her condition,” said Fortis Hospital spokesperson Priyanka Kanawat.

Union Health Minister J P Nadda called on Malini, while Rajasthan minister Rajpal Singh Shekhawat rushed to the hospital to inquire about her health.

Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje tweeted, “Deeply saddened…I pray for the victims. We’re making all efforts to provide immediate relief and medical care.”Both the vehicles have been seized and a case has been lodged.

The Rajasthan police has arrested BJP MP Hema Malini’s driver for over speeding and negligent driving, after Hanuman Choudhary, the man driving the Alto car, filed an FIR against him.

The police arrested driver Mahesh Thakur (35) from Jaipur on Friday morning and took him to Dausa for questioning.

“He has been booked under sections 279, 337, 338 (causing grievous hurt by rash and negligent driving) and 304 A (causing death by negligence) of the Indian Penal Code,” Investigating Officer Rajendra Tyagi told DailyBouncer.

A four year old girl Chinni, had died and six other persons were injured when the actor’s Mercedes crashed into another car on NH-11 near Dausa on Thursday night.“We are questioning the driver to ascertain finer details,” Dausa Additional SP Anil Kayal said. It is important for a victim to Learn More about the process of filling in a claim when it comes to car accidents, specially when there are several injuries involved.

Hema, along with her driver and another co-passenger who sustained minor injuries, was rushed to Jaipur’s Fortis hospital while two seriously injured persons from the other car were referred to the SMS hospital here.

The other two injured were treated in a hospital at Dausa.Meanwhile, her daughter Esha Deol arrived at the Fortis hospital in Jaipur on Friday morning. Esha was accompanied by her husband Bharat Takhtani.

Malini was on her way to Jaipur from Agra, after visiting the Mehndipur Balaji temple enroute, when her Mercedes crashed into an Alto coming from the other side.

While Malini sustained injuries just over her right eye, the four-year-old in the Alto died on the spot and a woman and a six-year-old boy in the same car sustained serious injuries.


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