Hermitage – The Best Museum In Europe




The St. Petersburg State Hermitage Museum was recognized the best museum in Europe according to users of TripAdvisor travel portal.

The Hermitage overtook Paris Orsay Museum and the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, TripAdvisor website reports. “All world’s beauty in one museum. This will allow you to travel to any desired location in the world to any era,” the portal experts say about the Hermitage. TripAdvisor has presented not only European, but also the world ranking, where the Hermitage took third position after The Art Institute of Chicago and the Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology. In total there were analyzed ratings and reviews on 509 cultural institutions in the world.

Five out of ten best Russian museums are located in Moscow, three of them in St. Petersburg. The Top-10 also includes Kaliningrad and Kizhi museums. In the best Russian museums list the Hermitage is followed by the Tretyakov Gallery, on the third place is Armoury, the fourth is B-413 Submarine Museum in Kaliningrad, and the fifth – the State Russian Museum.

Mili Thakur