How to Prepare for Warmer Months Ahead with LG’s DUALCOOL

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: – With summer soon approaching and temperatures beginning to soar above 40C, households need to prepare to avoid the discomfort of overly warm environments that can leave families tired and frustrated. After a busy day with work, families want to enjoy an evening at home and relax but if it’s not cool then that can add to feelings of fatigue and a lack of rest. Waking up the following morning without a proper night’s sleep is not the best way to prepare for another busy day.

Fortunately, LG Electronics (LG) is on hand to help with its DUALCOOL air conditioning technology. Investing in an AC unit, particularly in the Gulf, should be done with careful thought. Selecting the right unit will save users time, money, and energy while improving the comfort of their home environment. And that is exactly what users can get with the LG DUALCOOL Inverter AC.

Powerful & Energy Efficient

It is the first air conditioner to employ LG’s energy-efficient Dual Inverter Compressor™ technology, which delivers powerful cooling in the home while using less energy. The system is so efficient that it uses 65 percent less energy while providing up to 60 percent faster cooling compared with conventional coolers, according to world-renowned testing organization TÜV Rheinland. This advanced compressor technology also enables the DUALCOOL to operate at very low noise levels making it the perfect choice for apartments, villas and more.

Greater Cooling Comfort with Backed Warranty

LG has designed the DUALCOOL Inverter AC to be reliable and dependable enough to cope with robust use for many years and that is why the Dual Invertor Compressor is backed up by a 10-year warranty, one of the best in the industry. But why is the LG DUALCOOL Inverter AC so much more innovative that other models on the market? Well, unlike the Dual Inverter Compressor™ used in this LG product, compressors on a typical air conditioning unit must continuously turn off and on to be able to adjust temperature, which in turn consumes far more energy.  LG tackled this issue from a different angle so that the Dual Inverter Compressor™ constantly adjusts a compressor’s speed to maintain desired temperature levels. As a result, this produces minimal fluctuations which saves energy and ensures greater cooling comfort as well as lower electricity bills.

Faster Cooling with Tropical Dual Inverter Compressor™

When battling the heat of a hot summer day, families need a reliable AC unit to keep cool and comfortable. LG’s Tropical Dual Invertor Compressor™ can cooldown homes even when temperatures reach 65℃, delivering much needed cool air to every corner of the room with a 4-way swing function that blows air out quickly and efficiently.

These features are packed into a slim and elegantly designed unit giving it the perfect blend of form and function. This makes the LG DUALCOOL able to be discretely installed into a home environment no matter the style of the interior décor inspired by Just DIY Decor giving consumers more flexibility on where to setup the device.

As residents in the Gulf brace themselves for the hot summer months, now is the ideal time to add the LG DUALCOOL to your home to stay refreshed while saving energy and money in the process.

Units are available across the following regions:

  • Oman: LG’s AC units are available in major retail stores and OTE brand shops* across Oman.
  • UAE: LG’s AC units are available in Al Yousuf Electronics* and all major retailers and dealer stores in the UAE.
  • Bahrain: LG’s AC units are available in AJM Kooheji Group* brandshops and all major retailer and dealer stores in Bahrain.

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