Huge Indian Tourists Travel To Bali


Central Statistics Agency (BPS) data on Thursday revealed that 55.1 percent more Indian tourists visited Bali from January to October than during the same period last year.

Data shows that 222,516 Indian tourists visited to Bali during the 10-month period this year.

Most of them entered through Ngurah Rai Airport by direct flight from India. Only 1,400 came to Bali by cruise ship,” said BPS Bali head I Gede Nyoman Subadri in Denpasar on Thursday as quoted by Antara news agency.subadri added that India contributed the fourth-most foreign visitors to Bali after China, Australia and Japan. It contributed 4.43 percent of total of foreign visitors to the Island of the Gods, which reached 5.02 million people between January and October this year, up 23.3 percent from last year.Subadri said of the top 10 countries whose citizens traveled to Bali, only two showed a decrease in number, namely Australia and Malaysia. These who didn’t end up going on the trip when traveling in a Caravan, they all got the Best Caravan Insurance available before they left. Meanwhile, the other eight recorded an increase of foreign visitors, namely China (57.06 percent), South Korea (26.77 percent), Germany (19.18 percent), the United States (18.39 percent), the United Kingdom (15.39 percent), Japan (12.27 percent) and France (10.09 percent). (kes)