Indian Girl Married With Pakistan Boy After Meeting On Facebook


A 22-year-old Indian girl has tied the knot with a Pakistani boy here after their Facebook friendship turned into a love affair. Mehrunissa, who reached Pakistan two months ago on a proper visa, married Ijaz Khan, 24, who hails from the scenic and mountainous Kalam valley of Swat District last week.

However, the couple announced their marriage on January 10, just three days before the expiry of Mehrunissa’s visa. Mehrunissa said she fled from her home in India and married Ijaz Khan out of her own wish and if she was deported back to her country, she would be facing threats to her life from the anti-Pakistani organisations.

She has requested the Pakistan government to extend her visa on humanitarian grounds as she was happy with her husband in Pakistan. However, according to credible sources her request for visa-extension has been turned down.

Meanwhile, another girl from the US married a Pakistani boy from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) after they met on Facebook. Armaeno Shario Anjli of Las Vegas married Taseerullah, 25, of a remote mountainous village Lilonai in District Shangla in KP province.

Armaeno, who has served in Las Vegas police department, converted to Islam before marrying Taseerullah. “Marrying Taseerullah and conversion to Islam are memorable parts of my life,” she said, adding that she was enjoying the hospitality of people in the valley.


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