Issue 22 of the Driver Trett Digest has been published

Driver Trett are pleased to announce the launch of the Middle East focused, 22nd edition of the Digest.

The Digest always aims to be topical and cover all industry sectors. In this issue, Daniel Morris from the Driver Trett Qatar office looks at the progress of the FIFA World Cup 2022 projects, and what the future holds for Qatar beyond 2022.

Technical Director, Mahmoud Abougabal, provides knowledgeable insights into construction litigation in the UAE, in which he says ”The best time to lay the foundation for a sound defence strategy is during the period between a court’s notice and the date on which a court appoints a technical expert.”

We are all navigating through a big period of change, and adaptation, and the construction industry is not exempt from that. Phil Duggan, Head of Expert Services – Middle East, looks at the evolution of virtual hearings, their pros and cons.

The authors of the Digest articles are mostly Driver Trett consultants, but we feature guest contributors as well. In this edition readers will find an enlightening article by Mark Rocca of CMS commenting on the growth of PPP Projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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