J&K Flood: SOS From Stranded People in Kashmir



With the level of flood water continuing to rise, frantic residents in Kashmir, especially in Srinagar, have been forced onto rooftops, with reports that the first floors of a children’s hospital and of another hospital in the city were underwater. Several stranded residents are making desperate calls of help.

Anybody seeking assistance pertaining to the flood crisis in Jammu and Kashmir may approach Home Ministry’s control room in New Delhi, the telephone numbers for which are: (011) 23093054, 23092763, 23093564, 23092923, 23092885, 23093566, 23093563.


Four adults including two senior citizens stranded at 7B Jawahar Nagar, near Beeco building, Srinagar. They need urgent evacuation as they are nearly under water
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Dr Tejinder Sethi & his family are stuck on the roof of his house. 46 Gobchi Bagh, near Polytech College, near BSF Bunkar, Srinagar.
Murchida Begum is stranded with 2 young children at Jawahar Nagar, Near D.A.V Institute, Srinagar. The ground and first floors of her house are flooded and they have gone up to the terrace for safety
Shweta is stranded with 3 young girls who can’t swim at Heritage House, Raj Baug, near the New Era Public School, Srinagar. The building near collapse.
Nearly 200 people trapped at Government Medical College, Srinagar. Girls hostel
Stuck in hotel gul paradise..near muslim public school near a masjid around 7-8 people
90-year-old woman is stranded on the 3rd floor of her home. Needs immediate evacuation. Her name is Bach, and address is Raj Bagh, Near CCDC school, Srinagar
A mother and her baby are stuck at House no.1, solina balla, Srinagar, near Rambagh.
Two women aged 72 and 55 and a 50-year-old man are stranded at 2nd floor at sheela vila, Chpora Lane, Shivpora in Srinagar. They critically need to be evacuated considering their health condition.
Friends, Water has crossed two floors in buildings, housing journalists in Press Enclave on Residency Road facing Partap Park… Ten people including families and Habib Naqash of Greater Kashmir stuck on third floor. Need help immediately.
Please rescue: three elderly people stuck roof to at 403B Jawahar Nagar
My family is stuck in the Alluchi Bagh area. Water is gushing in with speed. Many houses have collapsed. Please send rescue team there.
Mahbooba Khan and eight others stuck on the roof top of Salamat Guest House, Honda Lane, Rajbagh. I am begging for help!
Gur Amrit Pal Singh’s family is stuck in the Alluchi bagh area. Water is gushing in with speed and many houses have collapsed. Please send rescue team there. They need help right now. Their address is Alluchi bagh, main chowk, first lane to the right, first house. This is all i have. Please send someone now.
Prof Sauleh Mustafa at 22 PVT Jawahar Nagar near Abu Bakar masjid need help. A total of 6 people including two elderly people are inside the house. Please rescue them as soon as possible.
Mahbooba Khan and 8 others stuck on the roof top of Salamat guest house, Honda lane , Rajbagh need help.
Ghulam Nabi Ahanger and his family of five, all elderly persons, are trapped on the top floor of their house since yesterday. Their address is 146, Jawahar Nagar, Srinagar, Near Dr. Daljit Singh (corner house opposite to park).
Vijay Kaul’s family of three are stranded on the second floor of Sheela Villa, Chopra Lane, next to school in Shivpora, Srinagar. They need to be evacuated as they are in bad health.
A couple along with their daughter and an ailing grandmother need to be evacuated from house – Dr. Nahid Ruhee, Gogjibagh, behind ramzan hospital. House is sinking now.
50-60 boys stuck in GMC boys’ hostel in Bemina right now. Last, I spoke to my brother yesterday when the water was getting into their building. No contact since – Nashrah Batool.
My parents are stranded in Rajbagh on top floor (near hero honda service lane, house 111). Please rescue them – Navneet.
A family is stuck in house number 69 in Pamposh colony, Natipora. They are there since yesterday with no connectivity. Please help.
Tej-Pal Singh and his families, including kids, are stuck on 3rd floor in house number 34 in Gogji bagh area, behind RAMZAN hospital, exactly on the backside of OASIS school.
Families stuck at 180, Rajbagh Extension (Dr Gh Nabi Hakeem), near masjid noor (6persons) and 14 rajbagh, (Anwar Ashai), behind convent school (5 persons) need to be rescued.
Please help my family. My parents and sisters are stuck and I am not there. They need immediate rescue. Stranded on the 2nd storey, water has started entering. They have nobody to help – Bashir Ahmad Najar, Khan Mohalla (near Masjid

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