Karishma Kapoor ready to remarry?


She married businessman Sanjay Kapur in 2003 but the couple are not living together anymore.

It is learned that Sanjay has made up his mind to leave Karishma and is planning to tie the knot with Priya Sachdev.

Now, the latest rumor is that Karisma has also found the man of her dreams.

The man is identified as Sandeep Toshniwal. He is the CEO of a successful pharmaceutical company.

Sandeep is also a divorcee with two little daughters and Karishma also has two children.


It is learned that Karishma and Toshniwal were introduced to each other by common friends.

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People close to the actor said that she is very fond of Toshniwal and the bond between the two is really strong.

For her part, Karisma has chosen not to speak about her relationship status as she is currently battling divorce and child custody issues with Sanjay.

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