Korea International Trade Association Successfully Concludes Business Conference and Consumer Event at EXPO 2020

Korean International Trade Association announced the successful completion of Dubai O2O Exhibition, Online Export Conference and Consumer Event held at Club 2020, Expo 202 from November 1st to 3rd along with Korea SMEs and Startups Agency, Korea Foundation for Cooperation of Large & Small Business, Rural Affairs and CJENM.

To support this event and to hopefully host World EXPO 2030 in Busan, Chairman Koo, who was on his way for his first foreign business trip said “Our association has worked for the business corporation between South Korea and the Middle East through Korea-GCC business forums and Korea-UAE business dialogue” and “This event which is to celebrate Dubai EXPO is expected to be the opening to enable UAE and South Korea which have made miracles in the desert and Han River to overcome the pandemic and to create new opportunities.”

During the event, 50 companies that produce promising consumer goods including beauty, life, food products participated, and connected with more than 200 buyers in the Middle East and held more than 600 consultation sessions. Buyers experienced and tested the products in the exhibition booth and had consultations via online meetings.

KITA invited more than 200 buyers in the MENA region including UAE, Libya, Morocco, and Kuwait that has previously not been easily accessible and arranged more than 600 B2B online consultation sessions with the domestic companies. For domestic companies that are facing difficulties to travel for business trips due to COVID-19, KITA supported the marketing activities by hiring professional MDs who oversee explaining the product to the buyers and the visitors. Furthermore, the unique display layout of the participating companies’ products in the exhibition composed of kitchen, living room, and powder room caught the buyers’ attention.

Food company Egtech said “Last August in the Moscow O2O event, samples of konjac product were sent and has a great potential in the market. In the future, we will make tangible outcomes by actively utilizing the export support programs of KITA.”

A local promotional event was also held for tourists from all over the world who visited the EXPO for two days from the 1st of November. In the promotional exhibition, various events were also held, including mini-concerts by K-pop stars, cover performances by local dance groups, and traditional Korean game experience events inspired by Squid Game.

“Starting with Dubai 2020, the association has held its fourth online-offline consultation in Dubai, following Bogota and Moscow, and has built a new integrated marketing platform in the post-COVID-19 era. We will gradually strengthen offline marketing and continue to discover two-track export supporting services” said Kim Hyun-Chul, the Global Marketing Director of KITA.

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