LG Electronics (LG) has today announced the availability of its first-ever QNED Mini LED TVs in the UAE – leading its premium LCD lineup. LG’s latest TVs leverage Quantum Dot NanoCell color technology and Mini LED backlight technologies to deliver brightness and contrast far superior to that of conventional LCD televisions. LG’s QNED Mini LED TV lineup consists of 8K QNED99 and QNED95 series models, alongside 4K QNED90 series models, in screen sizes ranging from 65 to 86 inches. Good news, you can place them on ceiling mounts.

Mini LEDs, an advanced light source technology, are significantly smaller than the backlights found in conventional LCD displays. This allows LG QNED Mini LED TVs to pack more LEDs and more dimming zones into the screen. LG’s 86-inch 8K model features approximately 30,000 Mini LEDs to produce a bright, high-quality picture, while close to 2,500 unique dimming zones deliver stunning blacks with reduced halo effect, even in the darkest scenes.

With LG’s outstanding color reproduction technology, colors achieve full volume on LG QNED Mini LED TVs. Certified via independent third-party testing, the evolved display accurately captures a wider color gamut to deliver rich colors that remain brilliant even at maximum brightness levels. This ensures a vibrant experience and keeps everything the viewer is watching looking exactly as intended.

Certified by international product testing agency Intertek for providing 100 percent color volume and color consistency, LG QNED Mini LED TVs also eliminate color distortion across a wide viewing angle, ensuring everyone in the room can enjoy the ultimate in LCD picture quality.[1]

At the core of LG QNED Mini LED is the α9 Gen 4 AI Processor for 8K models and the α7 Gen 4 AI Processor for 4K variants. Each groundbreaking chip uses deep-learning algorithms to analyze and optimize content, automatically. AI Picture Pro references a vast database of visual data points to recognize content, removes noise, and optimizes picture quality. The new Scene Detection feature can now analyze the type of scene being shown and improve the picture accordingly. With AI Sound Pro, by learning from audio data points, the processor identifies voices, effects, and frequencies so that it can optimize the sound by genre for a more immersive experience. With new Auto Volume Leveling, the TV also maintains consistent voice levels across different types of content.

To further maximize the TV experience, new QNED Mini LED also feature LG ThinQ technology. The newly designed home screen shows personalized content suggestions, gives easier access to favorites, and lets users control connected devices all in one place. LG has also evolved its Magic Remote to feature a more ergonomic design that makes it easier to hold, and its point and scroll system faster for searching. Built-in AI offers easy access to services, while hotkeys for major content providers makes accessing content quicker than ever before.

LG QNED Mini LED TVs have received Eco-Product certification from SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA of Switzerland. This certification is only awarded to products that fulfill SGS requirements to standards that include low environmental impact or recyclability.

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