Modern Sculpture Artists for Modern Homes

People like to beautify every aspect of their lives, and it is this creativity and imagination that make us special, this need and desire to be surrounded by beautiful objects. Many are concerned with the amplitude consumerism has reached in the last decades, but there are also those who understand the importance of objects, of their presence in our lives, and how they can influence us for the better or for the worse. So we can make a clear distinction between simple objects that clutter a room, and that we receive as gifts, that we purchase in a moment of shopping weakness – but which don’t add any aesthetic or utilitarian value to the house -, and objects of art, which are both those things, plus valuable investments. This is why modern sculpture artists or painters are so revered, because their creations have multiple purposes. Yоur house іѕ уоur lifetime asset. And it’s a matter оf tіmе whеn уоu tаkе a notice thаt уоur house needs renovation – nоt bесаuѕе it’s getting old, but bесаuѕе уоu feel thе need оf vibrant colors іn уоur house. Repainting уоur house іѕ a tricky business. And painter Greater Boston will help you to renovate your home professionally (see here). Sоmе rely оn painting companies or DIY decor companies like Just DIY Decor tо dо thе job fоr уоu. Hiring thе house painting service mау аlѕо cost уоu. But іf уоu аrе planning tо paint іt уоurѕеlf, уоu mіght want tо consider thе basics; аnd consider thе tіmе аnd effort уоu wіll рut оn painting уоur house. A wall murale design іѕ a big change іn a house аnd, ѕhоuld уоu еvеr decide tо mоvе, уоu mіght nоt want tо look at furniture designs from M-Style.


Finding modern sculpture artists whose works are affordable even for the common man is not that difficult anymore, because there are plenty avenues where they can exhibit and expose their works. Moreover, this abundance can also lead to lower prices than usual, and to a wide range of choice for all tastes. For example, those who can afford to hire an interior decorator could also ask them to introduce them to some artists or show them some works that could easily integrate in their vision for the decor. You can also use this durexperiment site for home improvement and interior decorating.


It is especially easy to find modern sculpture artists, because there seems to be a boost in this domain; part of the reason for this availability is the fact that the modern age, as well as modern technology, have allowed the artist to experiment with new materials and new techniques, but also to approach novel subjects. A good example is Ron Mueck, a hyperrealist sculptor from Australia who creates fantastic representations of the human body from silicone, but at a large ratio. His works may not be appropriate for display at home, and they are less decorative than they are artistic and conveying a message, but he is just one of many artists. Some great companies offer the best in open-plan outdoor living such as the use of retractable roof systems Melbourne which are great for accessing the outdoors. There are solutions for every situation, from tiny terraces to large outdoor entertaining areas.


Modern sculpture artists, as you can see, work with a lot of apparently mundane, or original materials such as silcone, media, photography, lights and projection, acrylic, glass, paint, polymers, coat hangers or matchsticks and even wrapping tape, newspapers or old, discarded objects. As for viewing or purchasing such objects, you can find them on various specialized websites, but if you live in a large city, you might be able to find modern galleries as well that offer local artists’ works for purchase. We at Screen Porch will keep in mind that you could find sculptures for the outdoors as well, for a garden or patio. Some objects serve an utility as well, such as tables or mirrors, but they are considered art because they are unique and aesthetic, with a clear concept behind their creation.

Decorating your home with art objects or sculptures can make it more pleasant for you, it can confer it character and atmosphere, thus becoming a representation and nest for your personality and character. And if the prices seem a bit too steep, consider the fact that most these objects increase their value in time, and you never know when you’ll find the next Braque, Duchamp or Brancusi.

Choosing a heating system for your self build or renovation project is a key decision, but where do you start? We explain all in this in-depth guide. visit for the best landscape lighting solutions.

single storey self build with cladding and complementary decking

(Image credit: Andrew Lee)

Not only is this going to affect your experience of living in the house, but will also determine the running costs of your home.

Read more, 7 Ways To Avoid A Bad Landscape Lighting System.

The starting point for any heating system design is two-fold. You will need to calculate how much heat is needed in the first instance, which will mean getting a detailed calculation carried out by a properly qualified heating engineer.

In addition, you will need to choose your emitter right at the beginning of the process as that decision will also affect everything else.

Choosing a Heating Emitter

The three main options to heating your home are:

  • Underfloor heating: This tends to be the emitter of choice for many self builders and extenders, for the comfort, efficiency and the extra wall space it gives
  • Radiators: Radiators are cheaper than UFH and choice is as much about aesthetics as it is by the amount of heat needed
  • Skirting board heaters: These have a lot to offer, especially in retrofit projects, and are something of a halfway-house between UFH and radiators

How Does a Basic Heating System Work?

At its simplest level, think of a heating system in two parts: the bit that generates the heat, and the bit that distributes that heat around your home.

You should also, at this early stage, understand that heat is required in two forms — for space heating (i.e. keeping you warm) and for hot water (i.e. for showers etc). So, the simplest of all systems would have:

  • a boiler (which uses power to heat up water and incorporates a pump to move it around)
  • piping (to move that warm water around your house)
  • emitters (whether it be radiators or underfloor heating)
  • hot water cylinder (to store hot water for use as required, although these are not required with a ‘combi’ boiler — more on which later). You can visit sites like to know more about it.

Enhance Curb Appeal With Landscape Design

landscape with curb appeal

Do first impressions matter? In certain situations, when you have a limited amount of time to make your point, they matter a lot.

For example, selling your home. What is the first thing a prospective buyer is going to see? Your landscaping. Will landscaping sell your house? Probably not. But if your landscape is a train wreck it may bias the buyer. Now the inside of your house will have to change their mind! Is that what you want? The solution?

Enhance Curb Appeal With Landscaping!

(What else was I going to say?)

Good landscaping is like a great suit or dress. They don’t change who you are, but they help you be the most attractive version of yourself. Even great landscaping can’t magically make a third bedroom appear. But it can certainly make your home the best version  of itself.

This matters. And pays off. Check out what these experts had to say.

So how do you use landscaping to help your home shine? First, I will give you some general advice that could apply to almost any front yard, then I have 4 specific ways you can add elements to upgrade your landscape.

Curb Appeal Tips

  • Color. In a well cared for neighborhood it’s easy to get lost in a sea of green. Make your property “pop” with color. This could mean flowering shrubs and grasses. Or it can be accomplished with colorful foliage. Barberry can bring purple or yellow the garden. Blue oat grass provides a dash of grey/blue. Caution: annuals (especially cheap ones) may scream “Hey look, I am trying to look pretty for you.” Don’t make your home look needy, just stylish and well cared for, for almost free maintenance improvements try out playground turf.
  • Get A Haircut. Don’t go crazy adding anything new. First, get what you have in shape. Get all your plant material pruned, lawns mowed, decks pressure washed, etc. You may find that you have a better landscape than you imagined.
  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Height. In neighborhoods with tall houses on small lots landscaping can make a real impact. These homes tend to tower over the sidewalk and are difficult to really blend into the surroundings. The key is to get some height up on the house, especially the corners. Consider narrow trees and shrubs or even bamboo.
  • Lighten Up. Will buyers visit after dusk? If so, consider the impact of low voltage lighting. A simple system can be $200-$350 per fixture, but you probably only need 4-6 fixtures to make a real difference.

Would your front yard benefit from some the ideas above? I bet it would. Now for the more specific advice!

4 Ways To Increase Your Yards Curb Appeal

modern island bed landscape
  1. Boulders. If you have followed my blog you know how Ross NW Watergardens feels about boulders. Adding a 2-4 boulders to your front yard, in prominent places, can make a huge difference. Your leafy yard now has texture and weight. Head to the local granit shop and have them deliver a couple. Muscle them into place or rent a little help.
  2. Big Pots. Pots can make a dramatic statement in your landscape. Do you have a blank wall in your front yard? Or ugly downspouts near the front door? How about those two spaces that bookend your garage door? A pot or two can make a big difference. Plant them with something tall and narrow, plus a trailing ground cover. Big improvement.
  3. Bamboo. Need to place emphasis on a visually weak main entrance? Is your home tall, but on a narrow lot? You can’t get height up on the house with a tree- it will get too big. Bamboo to the rescue! Planted in pots or barrier you won’t have to worry about it escaping. And the tall spikes of yellow, green, or black bamboo will make a huge statement in your front yard.

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