Why does the Modi Sarkar deal in fake news?


Reading news has become a task lately, because one has to distinguish between what is real and what is fake. Based on evidence from the social media profiles of certain BJP leaders, the news and information shared by them can be proven to be fake. The most recent example of this was to be found on the social media profile of BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who shared a horrific image of the Gujarat Riots of 2002 and tried to pass it off as an image from the unrest in Basirhat, West Bengal.

From Nupur Sharma, to Member of Parliament Paresh Rawal sharing fabricated quotes of the late President of India, Shri Abdul Kalam, the BJP have mastered the art of lies and fake news. Another BJP MP Pratap Simha shared a fake headline, which stated that a Hindu girl was stabbed by a Muslim man, when no such headline existed. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra shared an image of US soldiers raising their flag in Iwo Jima which was photo-shopped to look like soldiers were raising the Tricolour, and has also earlier shared videos were doctored.

The question remains, why do they circulate fake news? Possibly because the BJP Government under PM Modi has been an utter failure in defending the interests of India and Indians. From the Economy and Foreign Policy, to defending individual liberties, Modi ji’s Government has failed India in every turn. Today we are besieged from our neighbours more than ever, our youth have no jobs, our farmers no hope and backward communities no dignity. That is the reality of India under the BJP. To compensate, the BJP then circulates these fabricated images of violence, of anti-nationals and of communal discord. This is their attempt to distract citizens by painting an image of an enemy within the nation. But, there is no enemy within. There are a few elements, but by no means is there a mass insurrection against the nation from a section of its citizens. If there is a group of people who are consistently breaking the law, lynching innocent minors, then it is groups who owe their allegiance to the BJP and the RSS.

Each and every Indian is proud of our country irrespective of what the propaganda machinery of the BJP and RSS may state. In the last 70 years, under the leadership of successive Governments, India has managed to carve out a place for itself in the Global stage. Our multi-cultural and diverse nation serves as a beacon of hope in the post-colonial world. We remain the largest functional democracy in the world, where civil liberties are defended. PM Modi and the BJP (and RSS) have found it difficult to emulate the heights reached by his predecessors. This jealousy has spurred them to tell lies, in the hope that it becomes truth one day.

Aren’t those who knowingly spread hate and fake images, spread intolerance and call for violence the real anti-nationals?