Motorists in Oman hail two-year registration norm

Motorists have welcomed the news that they have the option of renewing the registration  of their private vehicles every two years. However, a Royal Oman Police (ROP) official clarified the ruling was not new.The ROP official said, “This is not a new law, but the police administration felt it was important to spread awareness of this rule among motorists.”

Welcoming the rule, Ali Al Bahri, a teacher in a private college said, “This rule will save people a lot of time.”

The ROP source explained that people who own vehicles which are less than eight years old can renew the registration every two years. “Article 8 in the Traffic Law explains that a private vehicle which is not more than eight years old can be registered or renewed for two years,” explained the ROP source. Vehicles older than eight years are subject to annual checks, he added.

Motorists expressed happiness that they wouldn’t have to head annually to the department concerned for the renewal process.

Al Bahri admitted not being aware that this law existed. “I am just happy that I don’t have to go through the process of standing in long queues,” he said.

Saud Al Salmi  a private sector employee wondered if this law would add to the problem of driving unregistered vehicles. He was also worried that the amount of money motorists had to pay while renewing the registration of their vehicle would double, especially when people had to pay their fines.

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