New African Women Girl And Her Fashion Statements


What a freeing feeling it is to tell the world about a system that is not written by anyone but you? A system that lives dangerously free within your thoughts that you can uniquely address, express and expose willingly!

I realized that marches don’t work anymore, but that there is a new kind where you do not really have to SHOUT, or walk it out with a large white board. This new kind, you show. I have never felt so much euphoria and joy to be given such a great platform by the editor of NEW AFRICAN WOMAN EDITOR, REGINA, who asked me to share my work for the New Africa Woman fashion section a while back (5 months ago). This submission made it into the fashion section for NEW AFRICAN WOMAN issue 26, August/September 2014. Moreover, I am humbled and honored to be one of the few, (if not the first) motswana to grace an INTERNATIONAL FASHION MAGAZINE COVER.




What a great opportunity it is to expose Botswana’s precious gems of creatives and show the world who we are and what we stand for? It would be a sin to miss an opportunity to help another being get the recognition they deserve. Hence we turned this amazing opportunity into an ode to Botswana’s fashion industry featuring BW team of fashion creatives- the “creme de la creme” of BW fashion multipliers & designers, Neo Ooke (AFRICAN LACE) and Kaone Moremong (House of Kay),the amazing models Naledi Mabena and Palesa Kasale, amazing photographer Kago Seatile (Kagography), professional make-up artist Tuauana Reetsang (SCOTSWANA MAKE-UP) for their active minds and amazing point of view on fashion. For the cover, many hearty thanks goes to Raees Abdoola for the rich (billion dollar) cover and photography, Jennifer Osei-Mensah for the face beat (make-up), and Thapelo Letsebe for his unique styling on the spread.




We exposed Africa’s diverse, rich fashion and culture, through the new model of African designers epitomized by these 2 talented Botswana designers who I thought were fitting, have a unique eye and hand finish to best tell our African story. Their garments exhibit a new style of African fashion- a combination of creativity and new culture, a re-visit of time and a diverse message of futurism through their designs. Their intricacy,craftsmanship, and detailing are indeed exquisite. They immaculately design the Africa that we have always known, the Africa that is a portal of inspiration and which is not a trend. This is the new Africa, an increasingly prosperous continent which has become the yardstick for defining fashion across the globe and defying judgmental platitudes.



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