New Guide and fruitful chickens at Tongole, Malawi

We’re pleased to introduced Daniel Grove, Tongole’s newest addition to the team. Joining as their head guide he will responsible for ensuring guests get the best experience in the Nkhotokota Wildlife Reserve.

After spending three years in the South African Lowveld, volunteering at a rescue and rehabilitation centre for Vervet Monkeys, Daniel decided to embark on a career as a nature guide. During his period with the rescue centre he became head primate keeper; he also acted as their co-ordinator when needed, helping out in whichever areas he was asked and performing most tasks with ease. The time he had spent in the African bush resulted in a great passion for African wildlife and created a desire to improve his knowledge and inspire that same passion for wildlife in others. In 2013, Daniel enrolled on a FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa) course and spent 4 months training at Motsumi Bush Courses in South Africa, where he qualified as a Level 1 and Trails Guide. Most of the training took place within the Big 5 Pilanesberg National Park and he therefore gained valuable experience in trails guiding and approaching dangerous animals, especially White Rhino, on foot. Daniel has always felt that walking is the best way to experience the wild places of Africa and working as a guide at Tongole is the perfect way to continue that experience and to share his knowledge with others.

Daniel achieved top results in his guiding exams, as well as practical assessments, which were amongst the best achieved by students since 1996! This is reflected by excellent references from all of his trainers who highly commend his passion, hard work and commitment.

Daniel has a huge interest and passion for birding, which will proove invaluable to guests at Tongole, as Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve is a birder’s paradise; home to over 280 species of bird and classified as an Important Bird Area by Birdlife International.

Daniel is a great addition to an already exceptional team of staff at Tongole and will help to ensure that we offer guests the best nature and wilderness safari experience in Malawi.

Fruitful Chickens!

Louis (12 years old) is an orphan being looked after by his aunt. The family was among those chosen by the village chief to benefit from the Tongole Foundation’s (TF) sponsor a chicken project in January 2013. The TF initiated the project in order to ensure vulnerable families raise the chickens to assist in supporting the children including orphans under their care. The families’ look after the chickens and when they lay eggs some of which they would eat to improve the nutritional status of the family or sell the eggs for money that goes into a pot and saved which will help there children go into secondary education.

From an initial starter pack of three chickens, the family now has seventeen chickens after two chickens hatched 14 chicks in April 2013 which are now grown as fully fledged chickens.

“Before the TF project, we had nothing to look to for support in the family. But we are proud that we now own these chickens”, says Louis’s aunt. “I can now walk with my head up and be recognized in the village”, Mary continues.

Louis looks at the future with optimism as he says, “aunt will be able to buy me some scholastic materials whenever I need them, after selling some chickens.”

The TF working in partnership with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) is committed to reaching out to other vulnerable families living in the peripheral areas of the Nkhota Kota Wildlife Reserve.

If you would like to help make a difference to a Malawian family and would like to sponsor and name a chicken/chickens, please email Louise for more information: