Now Murder girl Mallika Sherawat will play a Jat Athlete in Lucky unlucky


One on the hottest girls of Bollywood Mallika Sherawat is now going to play a role of a Jat athlete. The film is titled Lucky unlucky. The director of this film is Afzal Ahmed. Afzal Ahmed is the brother of Anusha Ruzvi, who directed Peepli [Live]. Lucky unlucky is a light romantic comedy.
For this film there is a trainer for Mallika Sherawat. The trainer is expected to increase her fitness level to be enough to make her fit properly in the role of the Haryanvi champion in the national running category. Source said that Frhan Akhtar suggest this trainer to Mallika.

The co-star of Mallika in this film is Sonu Sood. Lucky unlucky is a film dominated by the male protagonist. Sonu told about the role to Mallika of Haryanvi athlete when they were shooting of the Tamil version of Munni Badnam Hui. Mallika likes the field of sports so she immediately agreed to the role.

Sonu is a fit and a better actor of Bollywood. He played many kinds of characters in various films until now. Sources said that Sonu Sood who is plays the lead opposite Mallika will help the beautiful lady correct her athletic side to get her character right. In the film Mallika is plays Lucky, while Sonu is the Unlucky one.

Source close to the unit of Lucky Unlucky said Sonu and Mallika share a perfect look as a couple. So the script is being worked upon to get in some closeness between them.

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