Ouster Expands Commercial Presence to Middle East

SAN FRANCISCO – Ouster, Inc. (NYSE: OUST) (“Ouster” or the “Company”), a leading provider of high-resolution digital lidar sensors for the industrial, automotive, smart infrastructure, and robotics industries, announced today its plans for commercial expansion in the Middle East region. The Company has brought on a team based in Dubai and is working to set up local distribution networks to support the adoption of digital lidar in the region.

Ouster is committed to establishing a Middle East presence to serve its customers there, and to better position itself to support the increasing demand for high-resolution digital lidar sensors globally. Ouster expects to bring on new customers in each of its four industry verticals, with the smart infrastructure submarkets being key drivers of growth in the region. Ouster is currently working with leading distributors and integration partners to support solution offerings for intelligent transportation systems and security applications as well as other use-cases.

“With the establishment of new distribution networks and partnerships in the Middle East, Ouster expects to capitalize on initiatives to modernize infrastructure and to support the growing demand for digital lidar solutions in the region’s advanced security, smart infrastructure, robotics and industrial automation markets. We are excited to offer digital lidar solutions in order to capture these new opportunities across each of our industry verticals in the Middle East,” said Ashish Chawla, Ouster’s General Manager for the Middle East.

Ouster’s relationships include the following distributors and integration partners in the Middle East:

  • Kempston Controls LLC (KCL) is a leading global distributor of electrical process control and automation products and electronic components with Middle East operations based in the UAE and a regional network of over 8,000 customers. KCL will support industrial automation, autonomous vehicle solutions, perimeter security applications, anti-collision applications with Ouster sensors.
  • Elimec is a leading distributor of high-tech automation products and components for commercial applications in security, robotics, aerospace and naval verticals in Israel which will offer Ouster lidar sensors.
  • Bell Tronics is a leading distributor of technology products and components for commercial applications in security, surveillance and smart-city verticals in Israel. Bell Tronics will use Ouster sensors for robotics and autonomous driving applications as well as smart city and surveillance solutions.
  • Solas Marine Services Group is a leading provider of complete fire, rescue and safety solutions for the marine and oil and gas industries headquartered in the UAE. Solas Marine has partnered with Ouster to develop security solutions and support digital lidar integrations for onshore and offshore installation projects across the Middle East.

For more information on Ouster’s distributors and integration partners, please visit https://ouster.com/partners/distributors.

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