Over 100 Digital Screens Illuminate the Route of 2020 Metro Stations


Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: The Dubai Expo 2020 is scheduled for October 2021 and is likely to attract over 25 million visits. Gearing up to make this event a success, Pixcom Group of Companies has installed LED digital signages across new metro stations enroute 2020.

Signages Complement the Modern Dubai Metro Stations.

Pixcom has successfully implemented the LED digital signages at strategic and user-friendly locations of the modern metro station enabling maximum visibility. The Expo stations have ample capacity and can serve 29,000 riders per hour during peak times and around 522,000 riders per day.

The Dubai Investment Park Station is an underground station. The station is vast and spans over 27,000 square meters in area and 226 meters in length. This metro station can serve 13,899 riders per hour during peak times and 250,000 riders per day.

Advanced Digital Signage Technologies

Keeping in line with the current and upcoming technology trends, Pixcom has taken it a step further with its new digital signages that have futuristic designs, energy-efficient screens, more brightness, and lesser power consumption.

Pixcom’s portfolio includes challenging projects that have innumerable signages with different pixel screens, custom-made screens, unique resolution, and flexible modules. The signages have enhanced lighting and higher durability all of which constitutes to lower maintenance.

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