Paris Hilton tries to keep up with her former sidekick Kim Kardashian by posing for her own cheeky shoot for magazine


They claim to not have any rivalry between them despite parting company as close pals some years ago. But it seems for Paris Hilton it is still a case of anything you can do when it comes to her frenemy Kim Kardashian. The 35-year-old blonde is one of the four cover stars for Fandemonium issue, which also features Chloe Sevigny, Lucy Hale, and Marc Jacobs’ dog Neville.

Inside Paris stars in an avant garde photo shoot, and poses in a backless jumpsuit which exposes her derriere. Some would be forgiven for thinking she was taking on her former pre-school pal with the pose – it is just over a year since Kim tried to ‘Break The Internet’ with her own shoot for Paper, flaunting her bare behind on the cover. Her image was inspired by photographer Jean-Paul Goude’s iconic 1976 ‘Champagne Incident’ image of model Carolina Beaumont opening a bottle of bubbly onto a glass balanced on her bottom.


Paris’s pictures are slightly different, but no less racy. In one photo she can be seen with a futuristic garment on, which from the front looks fairly demure with its zipper front and fitted silhouette. However from behind it is completely backless, and all that saves the blonde’s blushes is a series of delicately tied bows which run the length of her arms, back and legs. With her locks slicked back off her face in a style similar to that favoured by Kim, she can be seen with black lipstick on, as she looks coquettishly down towards the ground.

In another shot Paris is wearing a see through mesh dress, which exposes her chest. A pair of nude pants preserve her modesty and she has a futuristic black choker on as her image is repeated again and again in the mirror behind her. Following the sc-fi theme, in another photo she is draped in a PVC style leather frock, with side panel cutouts which expose her ribs. The dress also features thigh high splits and she gently grazes one oynx coloured finger nail against the top of her leg.

In another image she is wearing what looks to be a shiny leather garter belt and pants ensemble, teamed with a chiffon and PVC leather coat. The look of the fabric does evoke reminders of Kim’s black dress she can be seen pulling down below her bottom for her magazine cover for Paper. Paris and Kim are thought to have gone from being bestest buddies to not so pally around 2007.

In the same way Paris achieved notoriety and then fame thanks to a sex tape, Kim’s own bedroom antics were recorded for posterity on celluloid – coming out just eight months before Keeping Up With The Kardashian first aired. As the brunette went from being a friend of the famous to very very well known in her own right, her bottom began to achieve a celebrity status all of its own.Paris told a Las Vegas radio station rather cattily at the time: ‘I would not want [Kim’s butt] — it’s gross! It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.’


She offered a rather weak apology in the wake of her remark, which her ex BFF graciously accepted.Fast forward to 2010 and Kim got up on stage after Paris played her flop single in a Vegas nightclub grabbing the mike and saying: ‘Now let’s hear some real music!’Then reports surfaced saying Paris was jealous of the reality stars success – a source told Us Weekly: ‘Paris is upset at Kim — but it’s 100 percent jealousy.

‘Kim is not only doing what Paris did, she’s doing it better, and everyone loves her.’ However more recently the blonde has said she was ‘happy’ her former friend was expecting a baby with husband Kanye. Paper said it decided to choose the four Fandemonium cover stars because of their popularity with their fans.

Posting on their website they said: ‘We can’t believe it’s been a year since our Break The Internet issue. ‘Though Kim Kardashian and Paper are most connected with the web-melting, culture-shaping magic that was that issue, we think it was the fans who deserve the kudos. ‘They took to their social media channels, created memes, and spread the story like wildfire. They made it their story. ‘To show our appreciation, we decided to devote this year’s Break The Internet issue to the fans, so allow us to welcome you to Fandemonium.’


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