Peek View in The Kenyan Fashion Industry


It has been noted that at present the African (Kenyan) fashion industry is a loose amalgam of African designers worldwide, creative professionals, NGOs, small to medium sized businesses, chambers of commerce and others interested in successful promotion and formal establishments of an African fashion wear industry.


Studies from African Clothing and Footwear Research Networks (ACFRN), as well as other sources show that Kenya’s mains consumers are the United States market through AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act), whereby the products directly compete with those from china. This shows that market diversification has been generally low and there is need to explore other markets such as Europe and Asia which requires more government support.

There is also need for clothing firms to diversify markets for their products beyond the US market and develop private-public partnerships in textile manufacturing to enhance backward linkages in value chain.

It is also important to note that there is need to involve all stakeholders in developing critical policies on employment.

Innovation in the Kenyan fashion industry has not been given priority but rather firms emphasize on survival and any innovation taking place is an outcome of a survival tactic. This means there is need for quality control, availability of skills and investments in technology as a precursor for innovation in the clothing industry.

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