People don’t know my side of the story, says Bonang on ‘love triangle’ saga


Rapper AKA, his ex-girlfriend DJ Zinhle and Bonang Matheba’s alleged ‘love triangle’ hogged headlines for more than a year, but B has revealed that people still don’t know “her side of the story”.

In what can be dubbed as a rare moment Bonang opened up about the split between AKA and Zinhle, which made headlines across the country.


During an interview with Drum magazine, Bonang said she still “laughed” at the situation.

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“Kiernan and I were friends, and we got squished into this unfortunate situation that I still look at and laugh every day because of all the inaccuracies. I’m better, stronger, have made more money, am more successful, more famous and have more fans that the people who put me in that situation. And still people don’t know my side of the story,” Bonang told the publication.

While Bonang didn’t go into too much detail, she did say that the truth will be revealed one day.

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