Portugal sees increase in demand for its furniture products in UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 30, 2021, (AETOSWire): Portugal is exporting its top-notch furniture brands, under the theme `Made in Portugal Naturally’, aimed to capitalize on the growth prospects from the resurgence of tourism market in the UAE.

Associative Design, and Portuguese Association of Wood and Furniture Industries (AIMMP) presents 24 top-notch brands in this market an eclectic array of luxury products under the theme – `MADE IN PORTUGAL Naturally.’

Commenting on it, Mr. Vítor Poças, President of the AIMMP, said, “We are particularly glad to be in the UAE which is one of the global leaders helping market resurgence in the post-pandemic world. We are confident of the improving growth prospects for Portuguese brands with the UAE Government’s initiatives to develop tourism and hospitality industry which is estimated to contribute approximately 12% of the country’s GDP, and in turn catalyse the UAE luxury furniture market.”

“The preference for luxury products is high among the consumers in the UAE with Abu Dhabi and Dubai accounting for more than 50% of the overall consumption, the Portuguese representatives said, adding that the trend of the changing consumer preferences towards luxury goods is also because of the 90% urban population and the rising disposable income per capita,” he added.

“The UAE is a ready-made market for luxury brands – tourism, combined with a wealthy population, are big drivers for the sector. Dubai alone accounts for 30% of the Middle East’s luxury market while one study said that UAE around 30% of their monthly salaries on luxury goods,” Mr. Poças further said.

According to estimates, the demand for furniture is likely to go up in the near future as Dubai will add 40,000 new hotel rooms and service apartments to meet the growing demand of tourists. Portugal expects a growth of 2.5 per cent for its products in the near future.

The Associative Design promotes ‘The Best of Portugal’ brands and products globally. The body brings to this market a range of finishing solutions such as interior flooring, metal hardware, construction wood, deck, doors and others. This brings Portuguese flair for creativity to the Middle East with products 100% designed and produced in Portugal.

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