Praying for the Monsoon with Frog Weddings and Mud Baths.

Thousands of people await the monsoon to beat the heatwave. In fact, farmers all over the country pray for its timely arrival and depend on the downpour to wash away their financial miseries. Agonizing over delayed monsoon makes them indulge in many rituals to persuade Indra, the god of thunder and lightning, to bless them with steady rain. Many of these rituals are unknown and unusual, here are top 4 of them:
It is believed that if frogs are married off in the ‘traditional’ way, the rain god is pleased and the heavens open within days. Hence, teej-nepal-festival-himalayas-mountains-adventure-trekking were ‘joined in holy matrimony’ in a ceremony to usher in the delayed monsoon rains in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

We wish the couple a happy married life.
Men sit in utensils filled with water as they perform “Parjanya Yagya,” a ritual to bring rains through Vedic techniques in Ahmedabad.
Children lie in sludge as a ritual to induce rain in Allahabad.
Women plough the field as a ritual to induce rain in village Barha, about 32 kilometers from Allahabad.
Farmers perform a ritual with sticks as they pray for rain during the Manda Festival at a temple on the outskirts of Ranchi.

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