Preity Zinta Talks About Perfect Image in Series of Tweets

Actress Preity Zinta’s Twitter erupted some hours ago into a furious rant against fame. The Salaam Namaste star, who hasn’t had a hit movie in years, posted a series of tweets, beginning with a confession about why she became an actress and ending in a public plea to treat celebrities with sensitivity. In between, she spoke about pictures of herself being morphed, being groped in crowds, the pressure to look perfect all the time and the dating disadvantages of being famous.


Preity said she was speaking on behalf of all celebrities, but it’s unlikely her meltdown (15 tweets in a few minutes – if that’s not a meltdown, what is?) will lead to Bollywood stars being hounded less by paparazzi, sought after less for autographs, chased less by TV cameras.

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