Priyanka doesn’t want airport privileges for family


She wrote a letter to the Special Protection Group (SPG) chief, Durga Prasad, demanding that the SPG must withdraw all the security privileges extended to her family.

Priyanka reportedly wrote in her letter that her children and her husband should not get extra privilege while travelling together as a family.

She added that neither she nor her family had ever sought any special treatment and the SPG provided them this facility on operational grounds.

“I would like to bring to your notice that his (Vadra) inclusion on that list came about at the instance of your predecessors in the SPG / Delhi Police and not upon any request by either of us who were informed after the fact. It was done ostensibly to facilitate the coordination of the two separate security agencies at the airport when we travelled together,” she wrote.


Priyanka also expressed disappointment over the politicisation of this issue. Priyanka noted that she feel to be frisked at airports like other commuters at the security clearance and even Vadra has no problem with this.

She wrote in the letter that it has been a source of constant embarrassment for my husband, who has asked me on numerous occasions to have it removed as, in any case, he goes through the full security check and procedure from the normal channel every time he is travelling on his own.