Priyanka Gandhi prays at Kashmir shrine


It was an an unscheduled visit and Priyanka returned to Delhi the same evening.

After landing in Srinagar, Priyanka went straight to the Mata Khirbhawani shrine in north Kashmir’s Ganderbal district. The shrine is 24 km from Srinagar city.

For her security, all traffic to and from Tullamulla town in district was stopped during her visit.


Press was informed that it was a private visit and even local Congress leaders were not informed about it.

Priyanka remained at the Mata Khirbhawani Shrine for about an hour before returning to Srinagar city.

Khirbhawani Shrine is believed to be the holiest shrine of the Kashmiri Pandit community.

During her visit, Priyanka also visited the Swami Lakhsmanjoo Ashram in Nishat area of Srinagar.