Raahgir witness Christmas cheer at Sunday Raahgiri in Dwarka



This week’s Raahgiri Day in Dwarka had many different elements to pep up the usual Sunday morning. Here, Raahgiri Day is an initiative by DDA and Delhi Police along with knowledge partners Embarq, supported by The Times of India.

The roads of Dwarka were filled with people, cycling, skating and making the most of the winter chill. Many geared up with their caps and scarves to protect themselves from the early morning chill and joined the activities in the fitness zone to get warmed up. A self-defence workshop organized by the policewomen of Delhi Police started the events for the day. The women impressed everyone with their strong and swift moves. We even saw girls aping the stunts they were taught with their friends.

Apart from the regular morning walkers, we found many who had come equipped with badminton racquets, volleyballs and cricket bats and were seen playing on the less crowded road stretches. There was also a lot of music in the air with many impromptu jam sessions breaking out in the middle of the roads and on footpaths. Bands Leftfoot Salsa and the Lost Symphony sang Bollywood numbers for the audience.

Some members of Djembefola United started a jam session while the crowd gathered happily to dance and clap with the beats. Another highlight of the morning was the stunts performed by the boys from Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Akhara amidst a cheering crowd. We also experienced a bit of Christmas cheer here, as many attendees were seen wearing Santa caps and bursting into sudden Christmas carols.