Recipe Russian Borscht



Be it veg or non-veg, Russian cuisine has great nutritional value and taste. Here are some tips to create Borscht soup, which is served with sour cream and bread…

Three cups of chicken stock (for non vegetarians) or plain water (for vegetarians)

– 1 cabbage – 4 potatoes – 2 beetroots – 2 carrots – Tomato paste – 1 small onion – 5 garlic bubblets – Parsley or dill – A cup of sour cream – Cut chicken or pork meat

How to make it? This soup requires extensive cooking. Boil water/chicken stock for almost an hour along with peeled raw beetroot.

After boiling take out beetroot and cut it into thick strips. Put it back in the pan and boil the same for half an hour. While it’s being boiled, add diced potato.

In the meanwhile cut the carrot and fry it to later add into borsch. Do the same with sliced onion. Later, add tomato paste and stir it for some time.

Garlic to be added in the fried onion-tomato mixture.
Add nicely chopped cabbage into the borsch pan. Make sure potato is boiled properly. And if you are adding chicken or pork make sure it’s soft and tender

Now, add fried onion and carrot to it and mix everything.

Leave the pan uncovered

It’s cooked and is ready to be served. While serving borsch it’s vital to have sour cream kept in a separate bowl

Mili Thakur