Self defence school for women not for personal gain: Akshay


Talking about the school, he said that the initiative is not for personal gain, but to give back to the society.

Talking to reporters, the actor said that we are here to give something to the society.

“There is no monetary gain from it. I am doing it because I have earned a lot in life due to martial arts and it is my way to give back (to the society,” he added.


It is to be noted that Akhsya himself is trained in martial arts and has a black belt in taekwondo.

Akshay said that he will actively participate in the training sessions. The actor said that whenever he will get time and if he will be in Mumbai, he would teach martial arts to the women.

He announced that the whole thing will start on July 29. Akshay is scheduled to fly out on a holiday soon but he return in time for the training sessions.

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