Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan grill Rajat Sharma


aap-ki-aadalat 11

Aap Ki Adalat celebrated the completion of 21 years of being on air today. The special event was attended by the who’s who of politics, sports, film industry and more. All these guests have, at least once, appeared on the show and Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan were among these.

The host of tonight’s show, Sonu Nigam, invited Shah Rukh Khan on stage who inturn asked Salman Khan to join him. The two sure scared Rajat with their demeanour and grilled him with a lot of questions. Some funny and some even more so. Salman started the questionnaire asking Rajat why he has his own court and does he not trust the country’s law system. When Rajat replied that his adalat is much faster, Salman asked him to take up all his pending cases too so that he can save up on a lot of court trips. How convenient!

Shah Rukh even went on to asked Rajat the secret of his glowing skin. Rajat very smartly replied that he does not do the two things (drinking and smoking) that Shah Rukh and Salman do.

The two Khans then invited the third member of their Khan trio, Aamir, on stage and the three entertained the audience with their Khans Ki Adalat. And quite a show they put up